Get Your Tires Rotated Regularly

Tire rotation is very important if you want to get the most life out of your tires. We want to remind you here at Mark Mitsubishi that if your tires are looking more worn on one side, then it's time to bring your ride in to see us here at Mark Mitsubishi.

If you take a little extra time to get your tires rotated you will find that they will last a lot longer. You will also get much better gas mileage, a smoother ride, and better handling and control of your vehicle.

Since regular tire rotations will prolong…
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What the Warning Light on Your Dash Means

Your car has many things that could go wrong with it, and the warning lights on your dash will let you know if something is up, so don't ignore them. If any of the warning lights on your dash light up, be sure to get it checked out right away because it can be an indication that something very serious is wrong with your vehicle. In most cases it is something minor but why take the chance.

Come see us at Mark Mitsubishi if you get a warning light on your dash We have trained technicians that can correct…
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Reasons why an SUV might be the car for you

Have you been considering what more driving an SUV can offer you compared to driving your current sedan? If so, you have come to the right place. Our staff at Mark Mitsubishi has a wealth of crossovers and SUVs to consider for your next vehicle. No matter what needs you're looking to fulfill, you can expect success from our new inventory:

  • Driving Performance: Imagine having the horsepower you need to get you to those sometimes out of reach destinations.
  • Comfort Level: If you prefer feeling in control of your vehicle by having a more elevated view of the road…
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Caring for Pets on Longer Road Trips

Long road trips can really be a struggle for pets, but it doesn't have to be that way. As your local Albuquerque, NM solution for comfortable and reliable vehicles, our team at Mark Mitsubishi is determined to provide you and your pet with a top-notch riding experience. Follow these guidelines from our staff members and you'll be on the route to road trip success!

  • If you are crating your pet for the long drive, be sure to pad the bottom with numerous blankets or towels for added comfort.
  • Place a small blanket over the crate for some shade…
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Stay Safe by Having Seasonal Maintenance Work Completed

As the weather changes and the pace of your life do, too, you should get your car checked over to make sure that it is ready for the upcoming season. We are here to help you with that at Mark Mitsubishi, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our experienced service professionals.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October 4, 2017

Your car has various parts of it that need to be maintained on a regular basis, and it can be helpful to have the maintenance work completed at…

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Finding the Best Tire Value in Albuquerque

Here at Mark Mitsubishi, our expert service and parts techs have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the tires that fit your budget and protects your family. As the saying goes: "Brakes stop the wheels, but tires stop the car." The better the tires, the quicker you stop and the safer you stay. We are ready to help.

  • Regular Passenger tires, also called Summer Passenger tires are designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride under normal conditions. They offer excellent handling and traction day after day, rain or shine.
  • All-Season tires provide enhanced performance in...
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Stay Safe by Choosing Our Brake Services

You would never get into an accident on purpose, and you would never choose to have your family go through any car crash. You need to keep your brakes in good shape by having them serviced regularly to keep your family safe. We are here to handle the brake servicing needs that you have.

When you are looking to stay safe, you need to have someone check your brakes over and make sure that they are working correctly. We know how to look your vehicle over and ensure that the brakes will always work as they should.
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Why Invest In Gap Coverage?

No one plans on being in an accident. Sometimes it just happens. It is all part of life. There is nothing you can do about the accident. There is something you can do about how you protect yourself.

This is where Gap Insurance comes in.

It will supplement the necessary financial coverage your vehicle needs that your other insurance will not. When you get into an accident, your insurance company is only going to pay the fair market value of the car.

Your car may be worth about $50,000 before the crash. After the accident, the fair market value…
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