You might not think of windshield washer fluid as a safety issue while driving, but that is the primary reason for making sure your vehicle has a full reservoir at all times. Windshield washer fluid removes dirt and bugs to help keep your visibility clear, which provides a better opportunity to keep your focus on the road.

Often times, you need to immediately clean your windshield due to certain road and weather conditions. It’s not uncommon for drivers in Albuquerque to encounter road constructions that cause debris in the air, which end up on the windshield.

Additionally, a clean windshield during nighttime driving is crucial. Visibility is already reduced by the darkness, and a dirty windshield will certainly have an impact on driver perception and reaction time for the unexpected on the road.

Mark Mitsubishi recommends that you keep an extra gallon of windshield washer fluid in your vehicle and refill during weekly fill-ups at the gas pump!
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