Many changes have been made over the years in the automotive industry. But until recently, there was one area that had remained unchanged for years. And that is how the internal combustion engine was powered and lubricated using fossil fuels.

We all know that hybrids and electric cars are on the rise, but even a hybrid has oil in the engine. That is where synthetic oil comes into play.

Synthetic oil differs from traditional blends in that it is made out of artificial chemical compounds. Some blends will use chemically modified petroleum components instead of using 100% crude oil. Other blends are made from other non-petroleum ingredients. The end result is an engine oil that is cleaner and often times less harmful than the old crude oil that we are all used to using.

If you have any questions about using synthetic oils in your vehicle then ask one of our experts here at Mark Mitsubishi in Albuquerque, NM.

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