Safety comes first in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. From a rearview camera to Lane Assist, you'll feel safe on the road while driving in Albuquerque. When viewing the camera, you'll see a grid that shows you where to back up and if there is anything behind you.

Avoid following the car in front of you too closely with Adaptive Cruise Control. A sensor judges the distance between each car, slowing you down if you get within a certain distance. When the vehicle turns or moves to a different lane, then your car will resume the previous speed.

The fog lights stay on at night and if it's rainy while you're driving. Daytime running lights stay on as well, allowing you to see the road at all times and allowing other drivers to see you as well. Visit MARK MITSUBISHI-NM for more information about how the lights work and what to do if they need to be replaced.



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